Hoagies + Pie

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 4.47.47 PM
Paisanos > Union Market > Caputo > Four Twenty Blackbirds 

Sundays are for walking. Whether it’s to Brooklyn Bridge Park in steamy July or a loop around Prospect Park in bone-chilling January, Hillary and I are devoted to our Sunday walk. With perfect weather this past weekend, we were inspired to log some major steps. After watching Creed on Friday evening, our hearts and stomachs longed for Philadelphia. What better to fulfill that taste of home than a classic Italian hoagie. We headed to Cobble Hill on Sunday morning for the essential hoagie ingredients, and made a detour to Gowanus for some pie slices.

Our stops

  1. Paisanos Meat Market for Hot Soppresatta and Genoa Salami
  2. Union Market for a tomato and wedge of cheese
  3. Caputo Bakery for a seeded Italian roll
  4. Four & Twenty Blackbirds for 2 pie slices: Salted Honey and Salted Carmel Apple

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